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Tim Mathis writes funny books about serious business

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Screw picket fences. Live your best life. Sleep in the dirt.

While a life of adventure has historically been reserved for the rich and the sponsored, to the dirtbag it's a birthright for the masses.

The Dirtbag's Guide to Life is a book that shows you how to overcome the obstacles and build the life you want.

"The Dirtbags’ Guide to Life” asks us to reconsider what a meaningful life is. That answer and process won’t be the same for all of us but it’s a reminder that, wherever you are in life, when you look around and feel it isn’t fulfilling, you have an opportunity to live differently, to question assumed answers and “truth.” It’s an invitation to live a life that is meaningful to you, outside the herd."

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The funniest book you'll find about losing faith in God.​

Tim used to be a minister, but at a pivotal​ moment he left religion behind and published this book as a public announcement of his departure.

I Hope I Was Wrong About Eternal Damnation is a story about how religion works, how it doesn't, and how to change your life when you need to.

"As a person of faith, this book challenged me, after 68 years, to step back and re-examine even more thoroughly what my beliefs are."

- Tim's Mom.

"The book is laugh-out-loud funny in parts, and it’s compelling...Sometimes the acute portion of whatever upheaval you are in *is* the right time to make a decision." 

- Amazon Review

Read a free excerpt here! >>>

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