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About Me

Hi I’m Tim. It still makes me uncomfortable to say this, but I’m a writer. It’s hard to deny it at this point.

I’ve published a couple of books and quite a few articles and stories. I use this website as a workshop for new creations and a way to stay connected with people like you. 


If you’re a reader, mostly I write about making travel and adventure accessible. I like to help people figure out how to organize their lives around things like month-long hikes in Canada and six-week bus trips in Mexico. My book, The Dirtbag’s Guide to Life, is self-help for people interested in that kind of nonsense. It’s by far the most popular thing I’ve written. I’ve also published a long series of articles about something called a GAP Month. That series is meant to help modern travelers organize life-changing journeys using traditional pilgrimage principles. It's about tapping into ancient wisdom and all that. 


A few years back I wrote a memoir about growing up in a conservative religion, embracing it, and then flaming out spectacularly. It’s called I Hope I Was Wrong About Eternal Damnation. It’s written for people who are trying to navigate the process of losing faith successfully. Like any good memoir, it’s also a story about recovering from a series of bad life experiences. I was reading a lot of David Sedaris while I was writing, so it’s funny and painful, I think.


If you’re a professional, I also enjoy partnering with like-minded individuals and organizations. I’ve written articles for Trail Runner Magazine, Grit City Magazine, and The Intrepid Times among others. I’ve done interviews on a bunch of podcasts, including The Art of Manliness, The Hiker Podcast, Chapel Probation and a random comedy podcast that my friend makes. A few years ago, I wrote scripts for the Race to Alaska podcast from the bottom of a sailboat traveling through the Inside Passage. My wife and I spent four years organizing storytelling events, teaching storytelling workshops, and creating our own podcast called Boldly Went


These days I make most of my money as a psychiatric nurse. I write and talk about that sort of thing as well. I designed a course on storytelling as a processing tool for healthcare workers, and taught it to staff at a major healthcare organization in the Pacific Northwest. I’d like to share those ideas around more.


My personal interests include: walking around looking at things, maintaining a happy marriage, long-term travel, running, hiking, and trying not to get too worked up about things that don’t matter. I’ve hiked the Pacific Crest Trail and the Camino de Santiago, and I’ve spent a lot of time in countries in the Americas, Oceania, and Europe. My wife’s name is Angel and she has her own interests. She teaches financial management to nurses through her business Nurses Investing for Wealth. She’s a real force of nature. 


If you want to collaborate or just talk, contact me because I’m always interested in finding like-minded people and interesting possibilities, personally and professionally.

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