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Pilgrimage for the Rest of Us:
The GAP Month

Pilgrimage is an ancient and nearly universal behavior of the human animal, but it’s been buried under the rubble of change in Western culture. It’s not really a normal thing to do anymore, right? 

It seems weird or pretentious or hyper-religious these days. It’s fine for Martin Sheen and Gwyneth Paltrow and Buddhist Monks but it doesn’t seem like it’s a thing for the rest of us. 


The GAP month is a way to re-claim pilgrimage. Or, at least, to learn from history in order to put together the best, most meaningful trip of your life, even if you’re just a normal person.

It’s not magic or spirituality - it’s history and psychology. 

Well, actually, it is magic and spirituality - just not in a weird way.

It’s transformative travel, for everyone.

The links below comprise what is basically a short online book on the topic. It's here to read at your leisure. Send me a message any time if you want to talk more.

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